Friday, March 24, 2006

Tissues and Tea...

Okay... I've been drowning in sinus nastiness for weeks now, and it seems to have affected my brain. Formulating complete thoughts is a struggle, and simply schlepping from the couch to the computer has been enough to wear me out. Ugg. I've been on a bit of a 1950's kick, what with reading The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio and perusing an old McCall's magazine (one ad reads, eat something baker made EVERY meal! with pictures of tasty doughnuts, danishes, pound cake, etc. above it... oh how I wish we still lived in a time that called sugar and eggs wholesome and good for you!).

In other news, my sister's kids spent the night last night and everyone was well rested and rowdy this morning. I stepped into the living room in my robe, lectured them on being quiet, and ended the sentence with something about not wanting to hear any more of their brouhaha. I could see the wheels turning in the oldest's head--he was mentally storing that funny word away for use at another time. Ahh, how my sister and I are creating little verbal geeks, like it or not.

Off to make a pot of tea and stave off my inevitable desire to demolish the last of the brownies... for some reason, no matter how incapable of taste or smell I may be, chocolate never loses its allure. *SIGH*

Friday, March 10, 2006

UFO's and other claims to fame

Okay... just one of the many reasons I love calling North Carolina home:
North Carolina ranks fifth in the US for UFO sightings.

Hell, yeah! This tasty tidbit brought to you by the letter "C" and available in more detail here. Naturally, I followed the links and ended up marveling at a Roswell attraction: take the tour at your leisure.

And we ended up with three of our homegrown talents in the top 12 on American Idol. Yee-haw. Almost makes me proud that my kids are gonna be natives themselves. Rock on.

Friday, March 03, 2006

harbinger of spring

When I took out the trash this mid morning, I discovered that my daffodils are in bloom--gorgeous little tete-a-tete daffodils, bobbing their precocious little heads against a backdrop of uncleared leaves and dog doo. Ahh, spring at our house! Hee.
Still, it lifted my spirits and I picked just a few ( thinking of when I was a little girl and my Mom taught me to take only one or two stems from each plant, rather than stripping it of all its glory) and put them on my kitchen windowsill. Now, when I wash my hands or rinse dishes, they serve as a reminder that spring really is on its way. Throughout my life I've fancied myself as someone who desires dark and dreary days, cold weather and melancholy weeks of rain. Uh, let me come out of my poetic (and artfully dark) corner: I love nice weather. I want sunshine, and a little breeze, and the kind of sun that makes you feel happy to be alive. Screw this day ending at 5pm crap and give me a long, late twilight with a gentle wind and a lavender sky. *Sigh*