Wednesday, April 12, 2006

HAPPY EASTER (and chocolate gorging, be it as it may)

Okay... just a quick note to wish you and yours a Happy Easter (or happy fertile springtime, all you pagans)... I wish you many peeps in your basket and chocolate by the handfuls. In honor of the holiday, you can look again at The Fellowship of the Peeps (see marshmallow peeps reenact LOTR scenes!) or consider making a swanky dessert that will impress all your friends... chocolate fondue with marshmallow peeps for dipping. Yum.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Drink Up!

Could it be... that aspartame is not as evil as we once thought? Please, please let it be true! I am lovin' me some Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke as of late... and my fruity-tangy-efferevescent romance with Fresca has always been tinged with the shameful guilt of *gulp* just how dang artificial it is. Of course, now Fresca comes in THREE (count 'em!) flavors, and has a slick little webpage, graced with Stacy London (of What not to Wear, which I adore and watch religiously albeit with periods of paganism when I turn instead to The Secret Life of... or Unwrapped... how I love to watch perfect little lines of food make their way down conveyor belts and slip under curtains of chocolate or glaze or whatnot in the enrober....sigh) in a Fresca-esque outfit and a ridiculous game thing where you can create your very own frescascape...and though I have questions for why one would want to...I created one anyway. Pretty dull, honestly. Watching citrus slices float over a desert landscape is not exactly something I crave or understand, to be honest. Still... it's fricking FRESCA, man!!! Now, with NOT CANCER CAUSING ASPARTAME! *sigh*

Anyway, in other news, our stove died and I'm currently cooking with a bit of hope, prayer, and a trusty little match. Ugg. Hopefully I won't ignite the entire kitchen before the weekend, when we get the arduous task of finding a new stove that has all the high end features I want without the high end price tag. Dang I hate having champagne tastes! Right now, though, I'd settle for a stove that won't blow our house up. It's the little things, eh?