Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wheels Churning

Busy, busy, busy... for whatever reason the creativity bug has bitten me once more and I am twitching like a taut wire to get started on my various projects in waiting... There are yard chairs to be painted, walls to be patched and primed, and recipes to try. Sometimes it is as if the world unfolds anew, with a different view that transforms the everyday into possibility... simply put, I'm out of my slump.
Now, if I could just stay focused on one thing rather than flitting about with nervous energy, trying my hand here and there...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Friends of P and a little Goethe thrown in

Okay... for all you squeamish stomachs out there, I thought I'd move along to a new topic. Right now I'm currently waxing nostalgic over Matt Sharp and his recent announcement that The Rentals are reforming, putting on concerts, and will record a new album... ! Ahh, sweetness (and tenderness!)... Matt's solo stuff, quite frankly, sucked... I mean, Visions of Anna did make me cry but come on, man... his long, painfully slow and somber music was so melancholy even I couldn't get into it. It was, however, useful on car trips for putting the kiddos to sleep. Hee.
In other music adventures, I finally picked up a Belle and Sebastian album (their latest,The Life Pursuit) and I love it, love it... Quite a fun album, with plenty of 70's references and clever phrasing...
As for reading, I just finished The Sorrows of Young Werther and now I'm thinking I'll finally read Faust in its entirety... this is what happens when you start picking books off the shelf and thinking, "What? I've still not read this? I've only had it for say, TEN YEARS???!"
And in my tv junkiedom--Denny died! I mean, we knew he was going to, but man... how I love serial drama.