Monday, June 19, 2006

Quest for Optimus

The things you'll do to see your child's eyes light up... Never in my life did I imagine I would travel to seven stores in search of a toy, but here I am, grown up and admitting it: we are that kind of parents. I know the troubled history of the hotwheels acceleracers rival gangs (a little creepy and adolescent, truly)...much to my chagrin I know crap that I never wanted to know about Pokemon and their evolutions... I know how to finagle legos into all sorts of Star Wars recreations... I know which weapons belong to Flash and how to fit Spiderman into his dorky webglider...and of course, I am now the mother who can reattach Starscream's foot or find the elusive Leobreaker's tail (note to Hasbro: make those damn things stay on!). That's it, people... my son is a Transformers devotee. Of course, his Daddy made him that way, bequeathing him a rather sizable collection before he was old enough to start saving his own money for a fleet of autobots.

But before you think he's terribly spoiled, let me tell you the backstory: Little one gets an allowance every week, which he has been squirreling away for months, doing extra jobs and selling toys in a yard sale, all to save for the 40 dollar Cybertron Optimus Prime. This weekend he counted his money and lo and behold, he had enough, even to cover tax! So we headed down to Target to reinforce his good lesson of saving for what you want instead of blowing your money on less desirable crap (gee, I wish I could learn that lesson!), only to discover that there was not an Optimus in sight... so we drove to Walmart. Then another Target. Then another Target. Then another Walmart (I think you get the picture). Not even Toys R Us had it, and Amazon said it was no longer available... turns out it's been discontinued, to make way for some new crappy paint job and umpteenth reissue in August.

But... all is not lost! We enlisted Gramma in the search and wouldn't you know it, she found it on the first try. It was kind of anticlimactic, really. Here we were all tired out from our Transformers Quest and she waltzes into the store and finds it first thing. Geez.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Southern Fried

Kudos to Grace for turning us on to our latest obsession: Paula's Home Cooking on Food Network. Sigh... There is nothing like watching someone who loves to eat make really decadent, sinful stuff that she then eats in front of you, complete with smacking lips and joyful abandon. Paula Deen is utterly divine. Consider our recent viewing, in which she made deep fried hungry jack biscuits, mixed up a squirt bottle of honey butter, and injected those little fat laden lovelies until they were fairly bursting with delicious, gooey sauce... YUM. Those were snacks, mind you... she made a trip to Krispy Kreme and then concocted a bread pudding out of 2 dozen chopped up glazed doughnuts, fruit cocktail, raisins, and sweetened condensed milk. After baking, she topped it with a sticky mass of creamy icing made from rum and powdered sugar... because you know those doughnuts weren't sweet enough, ya'll. Hee.

I. loves it. He loves to watch cooking shows with Mama, and so we park ourselves in front of truly southern Paula and throw calories to the wind. Now I'm thinking we may have to make a pilgrimage to Savannah...