Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Making Christmas, making Christmas...

I'm on a brain drain this week... snippets of songs in my head, the slow recovery of too much turkey and an extended weekend with inlaws...


So, what have I been thinking lately? All about Christmas. Yep. What gifts to buy, which cards to send, what to bake... I'm wavering between bah-humbug and over the top joyous goodwill. It is exhausting. The juxtaposition of elation and dread would wear anyone out, I think. I wish I could stay even keel but this Christmas Eve marks the eighth year of my mother's death... I'd like to say it is easier but in reality, it is just weird...different...less sharp, maybe?

So... this is what I'm thinking. I'm compiling my baking list, and I wondered if anyone has any recipes/suggestions of what makes a Christmas cookie tray complete?
I think you need something spicy, like gingerbread men or the like... something almond, like a crescent, and of course, something CHOCOLATE because I frickin' live for chocolate. But what else?
So far I'm making:
peanut blossoms (in honor of my stomach and Marcus, who I always think of when I'm making them)
almond crescents
peppermint bark
chocolate cappuccino cookies

Suggestions welcome. Recipes are even better.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Visible from orbit...

Okay, this time Frayed One has me thinking about giant things to view from outer space. Ahh. I have been in the vicinity of this sacred spot several times, but I have yet to make the (ahem) pilgrimage...
Yep, those are giant "tablets" of the TEN COMMANDMENTS. I got that picture from the endlessly entertaining site,Roadside America. You can wile away many an hour with their vivacious copy detailing downright corny/creepy roadside attractions across the US of A. Anyway, these mammoth words of God are located in Murphy, NC (of course!) and are supposed to be visible all the way to... heaven, perhaps?

For a more detailed view, you can check out the official wacko site, Fields of the Wood Bible Park. They have 300 (count 'em) photos, with more coming! Ahem. If the pictures alone don't convince you to trek to the middle of nowhere to reenact rolling away the stone, maybe this impassioned description will (and I quote): "You’ll not find the Ten Commandments pulled down and in some closet here at Fields Of The Wood Bible Park, in fact, they are PROUDLY displayed in four feet wide by 5 feet high concrete letters/numerals on the entire slope of Ten Commandments Mountain! Atop Ten Commandments Mountain is what is believed as being the world’s largest New Testament, a thirty foot high, fifty foot wide Bible with a 50 person overlook atop of it, which you climb up to using stairs within the structure! PS: If you don't want to tackle the steps to the top, there is a paved road up to it! (Lots of parking at top, and even a concrete table!"

Road trip, anyone?

(Giant 30 ft high Bible via the field of the wood website)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My favorite new phrase...

Okay, thanks to Ayzair, I have been researching phrases and reading about the origin of expressions. I ended up on this site. Most of them are pretty much par for the course, but this one caught my eye (and I quote):

Sucking hind tit
Meaning: Not getting a fair share.
Example: Since the introduction of Windows 95, Apple Computer has been sucking hind tit.
Origin: Many female mammals have multiple rows of breasts, for example dogs. Typically the rear most pair of breasts is smaller and less developed than the rest. Hence a pup nursing from the rear most breast is likely to receive less milk than other nursing pups. Hind means rear most. Tit is slang for breast.

Well then. I simply have to work that one into casual conversation.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Innate Morality?

Okay... this is a fascinating proposition, and it is merely a hypothesis... but what an intriguing one:An Evolutionary Theory of Right and Wrong. Much like Chomsky's idea of an innate, universal knowledge for grammar, Harvard biologist Marc D. Hauser Dr. proposes the idea of an underlying moral grammar system that is shaped by the culture in which we live. (The book is called "Moral Minds.")

(article via What's in Rebecca's Pocket?)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Going to (read at) the chapel

Okay, guys...

I need your help. A friend of mine is reading at a wedding and she wants something romantic but still witty, intellectual but also sweet, etc. The catch: she needs it pronto (the wedding is next week). So, what would you suggest in the way of poem, excerpt, etc...? Thanks!