Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hogwarts Happenings...

10 kids, six boys sleeping over, and a roomful of popcorn kernels later, I's Harry Potter Party was officially a hit.

Granted, I feel like I've been hit by the Hogwarts Express, but then, motherhood involves martyrdom, eh?

Party highlights: Most of the kids came dressed up in robes or witch hats, which was adorable... we had a "Potions Class" that involved Exploding Potion, Swirling Prismatic Potion, and Bouncing Black Beetles Potion. (The first: vinegar, food color, and baking soda...the second, milk with food color and a drop of dish soap, and lastly, craisins and Sprite.) They LOVED it--and thank god we did the activities outside! It was a glorious, foamy, vinegar-y mess. My hands still smell like I dyed a vat of easter eggs.
The boys had a "Bertie Botts Challenge" that involved closing their eyes, chosing a bean from the bag, and eating it, sight unseen. One boy cried, it tasted so awful... and I have to say, having played a similar game with my first box of beans, Jelly Belly has accurately captured some truly horrific flavors... soap being foul and long lasting, much like the real thing... and vomit making one feel, well, like vomiting. Earthworm has a lingering, dry, dirt taste that is only masked by eating something equally intense, like grape jelly. Thank the gods for the jelly and tuti fruitti mixed in!

I. requested a golden snitch cake, so S. and I obliged. We also had "Mexican Muggle Meat" (our HP version of tacos) and "Pumpkin Juice" (orange Koolaid dipped out of a tureen whilst dry ice bubbled and fogged below).

Now, the aftermath:

streamers and stickiness and the filth that occurs when your house is filled with 7-9 year old boys. Lucky me!