Monday, February 25, 2013

Coloring Inside the Lines

As anyone who knows me well can attest, I am a true girly-girl, one who loves makeup and trying out different looks, whether it be my hair or my eyeliner. I am also near sighted, so I have often been able to do my makeup without contacts in, if I wanted.   So, last year when I was pregnant and began to have trouble seeing myself in my vintage makeup mirror, I chalked it up to hormones, went to see the dr. just in case, and came home with the reassurance that my vision was the same and should resolve once the baby arrived.

So.  Just like that, eh?

Well, here I am nearly eight months later and I am so.fricking.blind when I try to look in the mirror, bleary eyed and before coffee.  Awake and caffeinated, I am squinting and hunching in close, trying to determine the line of my eyeliner.


Is this what getting old feels like?  Like I need someone else to put on my makeup or paint my toe nails?  I guess that would be pretty awesome if this trivial inconvenience is the extent of my gripes, but let me say that it is weird to not be able to see.  With glasses on.  With contacts in.  I just feel...squinty.

Thus, I ordered my new favorite item:
Amazing Makeup Mirror that Actually Allows Me to See My Eyes Again!!!

The Jerdon Makeup Mirror with Day-Office-Evening-Home settings! I love that it seems all 1980s, like I should be following Color Me Beautiful guidelines (note:  Just googled them and had no idea that it is still alive and kickin'--you can order makeup in your seasonal pallete!).  The Day and Home settings are good--nice bright, even light, but the office setting?  Only if you work in the morgue!  It is a weird, greenish scary movie/institutional green.  Ick!  I might use it for next Halloween, though.

 (A book I studied religiously after purchasing it at Goodwill in my early teens)

Now, I can magnify the hell out of my eyes and pores (not recommended) or simply light up my vanity and see, gloriously, every imperfection of my face.  Spectacular! ;)  Actually, it is pretty spectacular.  Once I fix all the little things up close with the light on, I cut off the switch and tada--my makeup looks great.

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S. said...

I remember that old book . . . and remember never being able to determine what "season" I was. I think at some point I decided I was some sort of transitional season like "Indian Summer" or "Blackberry Winter."