Sunday, March 17, 2013

Food: a 3 course discussion

So, food for thought:

USDA Cost of Food for December 2012

From time to time I critique my food purchases:  do I *need* 2 cartons of ice cream?  Is the brand name truly better tasting than the generic? (Note:  I am fine with generic tomato products  but I balk at generic cereals.  Eww.  And generic beans seem exploded and full of that weird bean syrup.)  Still, when I'm standing in SuperTarget with my phone calculator out, trying to determine the unit price of toilet paper, I sometimes wonder if I am just a spendthrift, tossing money around willy nilly, wantonly purchasing soft toilet paper (damn you, Charmin Ultra Soft!) and springing for the delicious addiction of whole bean Dunkin' Donuts coffee....or if I am fairly "on point" with the average family of five shopper.

Turns out I still don't know.  Are these numbers reasonable?  They are average, so I imagine one has to take into consideration that the cost of living varies tremendously, depending on where in the US you happen to reside.

* * *
On a related note, S. and I decided to try something new tonight and made a  vegetarian potato and bean enchilada dish that I found on  I only made a few changes:  mixed white and sweet potatoes, subbed jarred Pace Lime and Garlic Verde sauce for the tomatillos and onion, and added garlic and onion powder to the pinto beans... and it was DELICIOUS.  Definitely a keeper!
Pic from
Potato and Bean Enchiladas

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Lastly, I just purchased Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us and I am both excited and nervous to read it... when I read Fast Food Nation I swore off fast food for approximately one month.  Maybe.  I think I caved over McDonald's french fries (sweet little pieces of salty, crisp-soft heaven).  Still, I heard a blip of an interview with the author, Michael Moss, and I was instantly intrigued... so much so that I actually paid REAL MONEY for the book.  Having been brought up on the public library, I have a hard time coughing up cash for reading material.  Seriously.  It feels...wrong. Thus, it better be good.  Or at least scare me into eating healthier. ;)      

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