Friday, April 12, 2013

Cool Public Art in...Concord?!

Proof that the little sleepy town of Concord, NC can have something cool to see, too:

Downtown Concord has become more eye appealing over the past year or so... with the restoration of the Coca-Cola sign and the amazing Frida Kahlo that greets you as you come up Cabarrus Avenue toward downtown.  If you hop over onto McGill Avenue, you will pass three other large, public art pieces:  a peacock, a Caribbean scene, and, currently in progress--an Indian inspired Elephant scene. Coming soon, a Roy Lichtenstein inspired piece for downtown proper... completely funded on kickstarter.

In fact, this awesome new art is the brainchild of Liz Gray, who details each project on her website.  Go see pics of all the awesome art now in Concord and check out her I like ART of Concord NC facebook page to get updates.

Usually, B. and I head SOMEWHERE ELSE to take pictures and explore... but now I am itching to take my camera and actually document Concord. :)